Step 1 – Check your Airbridge

The Airbridge is a simple device that has one socket at the back which should connect to the Powershot. An aerial is connected to the back, but in some cases this may be removed and an external aerial fitted


On the front there are three lights which indicate the basic operation of the Airbridge

Tx/Rx (Blue) - This indicates that the Airbridge is communicating with the Access node and should flash regularly

PWR (Green) - Indicates that the Airbridge is switched on and should be steady on

Eth (Amber) - Indicate that the Airbridge is connected to a Computer or Router. It should flash with network activity.

Possible Cause
Remedial Action
PWR light off
Powershot is not connected to mains
Check power-supply is plugged into mains and connected o Powershot
Powershot is not connected to the Airbridge
Check connection between Powershot and Airbridge

Powershot is faulty
Contact RASP
Eth Light off
Powershot is not connected to computer/router

Powershot is nor connected to Airbridge (PWR will be off also)

Computer/Router is faulty
Test by substituting alternative computer if available

Powershot is faulty
Contact RASP
TX/RX light off
Aerial Disconnected
Check connection at back of Airbridge
Access Point turned off
Contact RASP

Airbridge out of range

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