How do I join up?

Find your local contact using this link and ask to be connected. One of our volunteers will be in touch and will arrange to set up the hardware that you need to get connected. In some cases this may require a radio survey to be carried out.

You will also be asked to fill in a members application form and complete a standing order instruction that you send to your bank.

Where does my subscription go?

The majority of it pays for the line rental for the link between Reach village and Cambridge. The remainder predominantly is spent on hardware for new users and upgrading older systems. The monthly charge is always under review and the committee strive to price the service at a level that is fair to all users and maintains the long term viability of the system.

Are there any restrictions on usage?

Do I need any special equipment?

We provide all the equipment you need to connect up to four computers to the system. If you would like wireless access within your premises, we can provide a wireless router at very competitive prices.

Can I be a RaSP volunteer?

Yes - we welcome all offers of help in all sorts of areas. You don’t need to be technically minded to help as we also need help with general administration, publicity and sometimes physical labour.

How does RaSP compare with the alternatives?

We believe that the alternative offerings have serious shortcomings such as

Conventional Broadband - this is not available everywhere and quality deteriorates as you get further from the telephone exchange. The whole reason that RaSP exists is that it is not economically viable for the telecoms companies to provide high quality broadband in rural areas.

Mobile Broadband - A number of mobile ‘phone companies now offer this service, but unless you are in a 3G area this is still slow and has restrictions on usage

Satellite - This possibly provides the best coverage but is expensive and has a very noticeable ‘latency’ effect which means it can seem slow. Most companies offer services with restrictions on data transfer.

The above services are not bad, its just that in our view they do not offer viable solutions in our area.