Technical Stuff

It’s not essential that you understand all of this, but it could help you get to the route cause of your problems sooner.

Airbridge – This is a small radio transceiver that brings broadband into your house. It has one connection which links to a power supply unit referred to as a Powershot
Powershot – This connects to your computer/router and to your Airbridge. It’s primary purpose is to provide power to the Airbridge and it needs to be connected to a mains socket near to your computer/router
Router – A device that enables your Airbridge to communicate to more than one computer in your house. Commonly wireless routers are used avoiding the need for network cables to be run around your house
IP Address – This is a computer network address that enables computers to connect to the internet. IP addresses are made up of 4 elements separated by full stops. An example is

In general the ip addresses that you are most likely to see are either

192.168.1.??? – which is a private address that allows your router to manage a home network, or

217.15.114.??? – which is a public address that allows you to communicate on the internet

When you join RASP you will be allocated a unique public address.

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