How Does It Work?

The RaSP network is linked using a fibre-optic link from Reach Village to an access hun in Cambridge. This link is capable of providing a true 2Mbps link with burst capability. Our router and firewall at Reach can be regarded as the access point for all subscribers on the system. This ensures that all computers are redirected to the internet when required and also provides a measure of security against malicious attack.

The network is propogated to a number of repeater masts in the three villages using radio transceivers. These provide network access points for all subscribers. Each access point has two radio transceivers one to link back to the main mast at Reach and the other to act as an access point for all the subscribers in the local area.

Subscribers have their own radio transceivers (generally referred to as Smartbridges). These link to the access points and then to the RaSP router on to the internet.

Network Overview

Security is controlled by the use of passwords and other standard network controls to ensure that random users cannot access the RaSP network. Whilst this network security and the use of the firewall will guard against most mallicious attacks you should ensure that your computers are protected by up to date security systems such as anti-virus software.