RaSP EGM 21st July 2008
Five Miles Inn, Upware 8.00pm

Attendees David Greenfield, James Matheson, Paul Catling, Roger Gunkel, Peter Whiteley, John Chalmers, Ralph Burditt, Michael Limb, Martin Goodchild, Mike Carrington, Anna Chestermann, Robert Hollingsworth, Tim Doe The meeting opened with the Chaiman's introduction pointing out the need to complete matters left open from the AGM, particularly Chairman's probationary period ending, election of Treasurer and progress regarding improvements to customer support and network reliability. Election of officers covered myself agreeing to continue my chairmanship and John Chalmers accepting the post of Treasurer. Robert Hollingsworth was thanked for his long term involvement in setting up and running RaSP together with his work as Treasurer. It was also agreed that the bank account would have the following signatories: Martyn Goodchild, Roger Gunkel, John Chalmers, David Greenfield Other officers were confirmed as Secretary: Jointly Brian Pearson & Peter Jost General Committee: Paul Catling, James Matheson, David Greenfield, Patrick Heaton, Brian Pearson, Peter Jost, Martyn Goodchild, Adrian Nicol Technical Committee: Paul Catling, Tony Jordan, James Matheson, David Greenfield, Patrick Heaton, Roger Gunkel, Ralph Burditt Technical Committee Report One of the outcomes of the AGM was the forming of the Technical Committee, with the EGM being an opportunity for David Greenfield to present a very comprehensive TC report. Achievements: Regular meetings every few weeks to discuss and resolve technical problems, both ongoing and new. Identifying home routers as an on going problem for a some members and introducing a RaSP supplied and configured router to resolve a number of these problems. Set up secondary and backup support split between the Upware, Reach and Swaffham Prior areas, to speed up response times. Evaluated alternative service supplier and have upgraded access points to improve reliability. Replaced main mast at Reach with new less vulnerable structure. Upgraded the Upware link with more powerful Alvarion equipment. Replaced old backhaul router. Fixed major spam problems. Brought member database up to date.
Next Six Months
New clients and problem areas to have RaSP configured and supplied routers. Continue highly focussed approach to solving problems. Strengthen any identified problems in the core system. Continue to explore bandwidth upgrade from 2 to 5m+ Introduce user self help procedures, together with expanding remote support capability. Two level support setup for improved response. Web presence updated and improved both for support and PR. Any Other Business. It was agreed by members that payments due to David Greenfield for his financial support, although not requested by him, should be made. Promotion, Self help and Chairman's pages should be added to the website. Anna Chestermann congratulated the committee for the big steps forward made by RaSP. The meeting was agreed to have been very successful by all attendees. Date of the next committee meeting will be posted on the Website and by email