RaSP AGM September 14th 2009
19 Lower End Swaffham Prior 8.00pm


Chairman: RG

Apologies received: PC, BP

  1. No conflicts of interest admitted to by any party.

  2. Previous AGM minutes approved.

      1. NB. Meeting minutes of previous meeting not to hand. Recollections however highlighted following details:

      2. Technical committee set up

      3. New treasurer appointed to bring about financial control

      4. Technical improvement strategy agreed

      5. New chairman appointed

      6. Call out process deployed

  1. Chairman's report: as attached.

  1. Planning update: case with planning authority won on a temporary basis for 4 years, subject to devising a proposal to disguise Reach mast. It was proposed that this will consist of camouflage netting plus foliage. Original complainants no longer vociferous. The 4 year limit planning limit stipulated that the network's technical need will then in the light of new technology and availability of appropriate alternative networks. A new application will then be made if appropriate.

  1. Un-audited treasurer's report: attached

  1. The report is for the financial year plus 2 months. There are 2 known commercial clients that represent approximately 20% of total revenue. Several key pices of hardware have been upgraded by the technical committee incurring no installation fees. Some of the hardware is on loan and hardware continues to be used to deploy new equipment on a replacement upgrade basis and for new members.

  1. Discussion was held on whether the rent for the Reach premises is fair. In the past, rental for the Reach premises roughly equated to the commercial subscription of the landlord's business, with a view to reducing this in the future. The net result is actual expenditure on premises of around £700 per annum needs to be reviewed.

  1. Technical Committee proposed to increase the bandwidth into the internet from Reach from the current shared 2mb. Various service providers have been approached and offers received. Current termination equipment allows for 4x2mb, not a single 8mb pipe. A replacement would be too expensive to consider seriously. After much discussion, Treasurer proposed 10mb to go ahead, subject to there being zero capital cost and ongoing costs of up to half of available funds from revenue. If this is not achievable, then revert to Committee. Approved.

  1. Premises are partially subcontracted to Fibernex whose rent is very low. Action: Treasurer to review and propose improved situation.

  1. Election of new committee:

Chairman proposed by JC as Bryan Pearson.

Vice Chairman JM approved by all

Treasurer JC

Secretary PJ

General committee: PC, DG, MG

  1. RG stepped down as Chairman and was thanked by the Committee for his extensive efforts and contribution during a turbulent year.

  1. As BP was absent, JM as Vice Chairman took meeting forward.

  1. Changes to charges for forth coming year were discussed. This included possible revised charges for unlimited bandwidth usage up to a preset limit. It was proposed that the Committee be given flexibility to review business rates as well as enhanced service for higher bandwidth customers. The formal proposal was the Committee have the right to increase basic payment by up to 15% and the flexibility to offer premium services to commercial and private customers. Any increased revenue may go towards investing improved technology to keep ahead of competition. This could also possibly be achieved by approaching individuals who may benefit and be willing to pay for additional fees. Approved.

  1. Treasurer asked to look into viability of VAT registration

  1. Election of auditors: Price Bailey of Ely. Approved

  1. AOB:

Support strategies: Extensive discussions on provision of support becoming more equitable between the various members representing bthe villages, with Reach seen as biggest problem. DG has far too high a burden and was formally thanked by the meeting for his heroic and dedicated efforts. Way forward is to introduce 2 tier system:

Basic Support: rebooting by subscribers themselves

1st line Support: respond to email and telephone support requests with at least a response to state that the issue is being worked on

2nd line Support: subject matter expert support from

members of Technical Committee for more complex issues.

At least 3 members are needed per village to provide 1st line support. Message to all members: recruit, recruit, recruit.