Welcome to RASP - Reach and Swaffham Prior Community Broadband.

As the names suggests we are a voluntary community group providing broadband access to members within the Reach, Swaffham Prior and latterly Upware Villages. The group is voluntary and strictly not for profit, but provides a high quality broadband services where others can't reach!

Put simply the RaSP system relies on a wireless network to connect users to a high speed Internet gateway, which provides a number of benefits over typical commercial broadband offerings.
All users are members of the RaSP group and are encouraged to learn more about the group and be part of the ongoing maintenance and improvement. Lack of technical knowledge is not a bar to joining the RaSP committee.
Members pay a monthly subscription and receive a wireless access point and router. This enables connection to the RaSP network and the Internet. Users are provided with a mailbox and individual e-mail address.